Credit: Aethon, TUG

TUG is a transport robot manufactured by Aethon. It stands about four feet tall, and can carry anything that can be put in a drawer, cart, or rack. TUGs are primarily used in hospitals to deliver drugs, trays of food, linens, specimens, equipment, etc. Their programming includes maps of the hospitals so they know where they are going, and they are equipped with laser, infrared, and ultrasonic sensors to motor through the corridors without bumping into anything or anyone. They can even use the elevators without human assistance, calling them with WiFi and opening the doors with radio waves.

BRAIN TEASER: Dr. Bilge Mutlu from the Science Narrative videos studied the social dynamics between TUGs and hospital staff on two different hospital wards. Staff on one ward welcomed TUG’s help while staff on the other wished him gone. Read what the staff members had to say and predict which floor they worked on.


Aethon Website

TUGs in the hospital

An article from CNBC

TUG getting on an elevator

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