Robotics Narratives

Thank you for joining us for the first season of Science Narratives as we explored the work of Dr. Bilge Mutlu and his colleagues as they crafted robots from a human perspective. It’s not just science fiction. Robots are on their way!

See you soon for season two, after our brief summer hiatus.

Episode 5: Robots Here, There, and Everywhere

Robotics research is evolving quickly. Can robots enhance our human experience in ways that make it better?



Episode 5 Teaser: Robots Here, There, and Everywhere

Episode 5 sneak peek: Robots Here, There, and Everywhere…

Episode 4: If I Only Had A Brain

What will happen if we teach robots to think?

Episode 4 Teaser: If I Only Had A Brain

Episode 4 sneak peek: If I Only Had a Brain…

Episode 3: Look Alive

UW-Madison roboticists say that the more human a robot looks, the deeper our sense of unease, which they call the “uncanny valley.”

Episode 3 Teaser: Look Alive

Episode 3 sneak peek: Look Alive…

Episode 2: Your Move, Robot

To actually be helpful to humans, scientists need to teach robots to move like humans… How hard can it be?

Episode 2 Teaser: Your Move, Robot

Episode 2 sneak peek: Your Move, Robot…

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