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The Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner made by iRobot. It’s self-propelled and sets its own course using an internal algorithm and input from the environment. Watch the videos to see it motor along baseboards, stop, and zoom off in another direction. When it is done, it travels back to the recharging station and plugs itself back in.


As with all the robots in our gallery, many Zoomba owners begin to treat the little sweeper as if it had a mind (and personality) of its own. This brings up the question: What is it about us humans that makes us treat things that are definitely nonhumans as our colleagues, friends or enemies?
Watch the videos below to see Roomba, how it works, and Roomba-riding cats!


How Roomba Works

Roomba picks up all 10 pieces of paper in 6 minutes

Cat wearing as shark costume entertains baby in same attire

Human social interactions with a vacuum cleaner

Roomba review from the manufacturer

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