Meccanoid G15

What do you get when you assemble 600+ bolts, nuts, motors, and erector set-style pieces?


Images are from the Meccano Make System webpage

The Meccanoid G15 robot comes as a kit that contains bags of nuts and bolts, four servo motors, wheels, one “Mecca Brain”, and erector set-style parts. It takes 6+ hours to assemble the 600+ pieces, but the reward is an exuberant two-foot robot that wheels up and back, moves arms at the shoulders and elbows, tells jokes, offers encouragement, and prompts input by listing commands.

Meccanoid comes programmed with over 1000 phrases and contains voice recognition software that allows it to detect and execute scores of commands (“Kung Fu”, “Walk with me”, “Go to Sleep,” etc.). But the thing that really sets it apart is its programmability. A free smartphone app that connects to Meccanoid via Bluetooth allows you to move the robot by manipulating an avatar on the screen. It can also be programmed to mirror your own motions and remember a sequence of movements set by moving the robot’s arms (Learned Intelligence Movement or LIM).

If you want to see an example of a Meccanoid G15 at work, click on the video for Szlot the Robot, the official greeter for these Special Features.


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