Cade Campbell

Social Media Assistant

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Cade is an aspiring college student, pursuing his Undergraduate degree and certificates in Horticulture, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Professional Chinese Communications at the University of Wisconsin. Having an immense interest in the Chinese Language, East Asian Culture & History and Korean Fashion & Music, Cade hopes to focus his travelling opportunities in places such as Shanghai, China, Tokyo, Japan and the Hongdae district of Seoul, South Korea. Having taken part in numerous professional and academic ventures throughout his high school career and beginning an entrepreneurial venture of his own, Cade is well-versed in a number of areas including: Engineering, Dietetics, Marketing and Plant Sciences. Raised on Disco, Rock & Roll and Hip-hop, his musical tastes are odd to say the very least — 잊지 마 (“It G Ma; Don’t Forget”)

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