I have worked at UW-Madison for nearly three years as a communication coordinator and project manager. I love writing and working on brand new projects and I’m an alumna of the UW-Madison (French and English Lit.) My top guilty pleasure song is Don Henley’s Boys of Summer as well as
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Cade Campbell

Social Media Assistant

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Cade is an aspiring college student, pursuing his Undergraduate degree and certificates in Horticulture, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Professional Chinese Communications at the University of Wisconsin. Having an immense interest in the Chinese Language, East Asian Culture & History and Korean Fashion & Music, Cade hopes
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Michael Fleischman

Web Guru & Activity Designer

I am a storytelling enthusiast pursuing studies in Theatre & Drama and Classical Humanities at UW-Madison. My favorite color is purple, and therefore my theme song is Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello. When not pursuing academics or work opportunities, I am often found at local theatres, sometimes appearing like
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Don Fleischman

Empathetic Listener and Podcast Conversation Partner

Don leads the video and media production group for UW- Madison Division of Information Technology. He has been in the department for nearly all 15 years of the group’s existence. Before that he spent 4 years working in live video/audio and distance course production at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Hamilton
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Yun Hong

Music & Sound Design

I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in music composition at UW-Madison, and I am also working as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate music theory course. My heroes are Ligeti, Bartok, Takemitsu, and Dutilleux. I love walking alone in the morning after rain, but I also love sharing a
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Holly Kerby

Story Engineer

Holly Walter Kerby has worked as a teacher, chemist, researcher, playwright, performer, and now, story engineer. She is the founder of Fusion Science Theater, a project that uses the elements and structure of story to teach children big ideas of science. Holly likes to sing, draw, watch movies, talk, walk,
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Mark Neufeld

Audio Editor/Sound Wave Surgeon

A native of Ontario, Canada, Mark has worked for the past three years at UW-Madison designing online courses and Massive Open Online Courses. A connoisseur of all things pizza, Mark has a background in fine arts, and can frequently be found in his kitchen cooking savory delights. Pearl Jam, Simon
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Terry Ross

Project Manager

Terry returned to hometown Madison after 22 years in the Pacific Northwest where she experienced earthquakes, an espresso circulatory system, and the dot-com bust. She enjoyed working on the UW-Madison MOOCs and hopes to MOOC again. Yes, that is a typewriter.

Mary Thompson

Keeper of the Keys

I love sleepy rainy days when I have the rare luxury of eating Panda licorice and binge watching something murderous on Netflix. My favorite bad movie is The Big Lebowski and I have been known to have lingonberry jam drinks and costume parties once a year to celebrate a special
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