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Episode 5: Robots Here, There, and Everywhere

Robotics research is evolving quickly. Can robots enhance our human experience in ways that make it better?



Episode 5 Teaser: Robots Here, There, and Everywhere

Episode 5 sneak peek: Robots Here, There, and Everywhere…

Episode 4: If I Only Had A Brain

What will happen if we teach robots to think?

Episode 4 Teaser: If I Only Had A Brain

Episode 4 sneak peek: If I Only Had a Brain…

Episode 3: Look Alive

UW-Madison roboticists say that the more human a robot looks, the deeper our sense of unease, which they call the “uncanny valley.”

Episode 3 Teaser: Look Alive

Episode 3 sneak peek: Look Alive…

Episode 2: Your Move, Robot

To actually be helpful to humans, scientists need to teach robots to move like humans… How hard can it be?